The Heartless Harden Crossover

I cannot believe how James Harden does other players with his dribbling skills. He does it early and late in the games. He doesn't care who you are you can get dealt with facing Harden. The Portland TrailBlazers became a victim of a killer crossover in this first video.

#NBA Noah Vonleh no sabe por dónde va a salir James Harden. Al final éste dejó por los suelos al primero sin ningún miramiento — Mike Maestre (@MaestreBasket) December 10, 2017Harden is competitive, you must be that way to play in the NBA for a long period of time. We learn quickly that players that aren't competitive and just tryna style don't get positive attention.

Harden did the kid dirty — Knicks Feed (@Knicks_Feed) December 2, 2017

That kid deserves to be done like that and so doesn't this kid Kristaps Porzingis an NBA up-and-coming superstar. Harden did this in some of the first few plays corrupting the New York Knicks defensive gameplan…

Lakers vs. 76ers : A preview of the future

It's was great watching the Philadelphia 76ers face up against the Los Angeles Lakers both teams are so young. The game was full of potential rookies of the year and players that are new to the NBA. The game went down to the wire rookie Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball worked together to set up the game-winning play landing a three-pointer with .8 seconds left to play. 
Seeing all that youth on the court makes me forget about who's actually the contending championship teams right now. These guys are the future of the NBA and they played phenomenally. You know you young when J.J Reddick the oldest player in the game.  Lakers Vs. Sixers  Ingram led the Lakers team with 21 points, Kyle Kuzma struggled in the match-up with only three points and two rebounds. Lonzo Ball scored ten points along with eight assists, and eight rebounds. Seven players scored 10+ points helping them get the win.

This is why @SnoopDogg my Uncle — Jive Papi (@FranklyJive) De…

Macy's Is Growing

Macy's might be a stock worth investing in, it's rapidly growing and predicted to go up to 30 dollars per share this upcoming year so take a peek at the company. People get Macy's confused as an outdated shopping center but it's way bigger than that. Macy's keep a sales strategy that does good and switch market design swaying buyers with coupons and holidays sales along-side their old-school reputation. Every time I go into a Macy's store it's a 10-20% off event to take a part in. Even though they will not accept me into any of their programs I still spend big for my cologne's and clothing. Macy's owns 829 stores under the names Macy Backstage, Bloomingdale's, Bloomingdale's Outlet, and Bluemercury in the United States.

Most recent NBA ejections

An incident happened where the Golden State Warriors player Shaun Livingston went literally head-to-head with referee Courtney Kirkland. Egos flared and got the best of Kirkland bumping heads initially then ejecting Livingston from the game. As a result, Shaun Livingston has been suspended for one game and the referee Courtney Kirkland has been suspended for a whole week. Do you think the decision is fair?

NBA has suspended Warriors' Shaun Livingston for 1 game and removed referee Courtney Kirkland for one week for role in altercation in Sunday's game in Miami. — ☇ASAP Sports News☇ (@ASAP_SportsNews) December 4, 2017
In my opinion, it looks as if Livingston asked for the referee's attention got what he asked for. I’ve never seen a ref do anything like this to a player which is very very shocking. Makes me ask “Why was Livingston suspended at all”? Kirkland must have been having a horrible day. This is a lesson for some NBA players, even thou…

Lebron James and the Cavaliers are going on a 7 game winning streak

Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers (12-7) played like a team full of Vincent van Gogh’s against Dwight Howard and the Charlotte Hornets (8-10) November 24, 2017. The game was close all the way to the finish Cleveland won 100-99. Both teams performed like premier NBA teams in the eastern conference. Even though everyone in the news is paying close attention to Derrick Rose contemplating his career the Cavaliers went to battle without him. Isaiah Thomas, and Iman Shumpert also have been sidelined due to injury. Cleveland took home the win in the last seconds of the fourth quarter. JR Smith and Kyle Korver made up for any missing guards on the team. Outstanding play from Georgia native Jae Crowder made the difference in the Cavs win. The team looks really good even with all the missing players and controversy about the Kyrie Irving trade. You don’t want to underestimate Lebron and his team of elite shooters as they go on a seven game winning streak. Lebron stats are out the roofLebr…

Phil Knight Invitational Tournament : Duke vs.Texas

The Duke Blue Devils and Texas Longhorns participated in the PK80 tournament November 24th competing for a chance to play in the motion bracket championship. Both teams started this game undefeated, and Duke finished with the win. The game started off very exciting presenting some of the premier college forwards and centers. The Longhorns took off to a quick lead looking really good most of the game. Sadly it wasn’t enough for the victory. The PK80 or Phil Knight Invitational is a men's college basketball event held in Portland, Oregon that honors Phil Knight the Co-Founder of Nike for his 80th birthday. The two teams played in the Moda Center. First halfTexas owned Duke the first half of the game, Kerwin Roach made one of the biggest statements during the first half, dunking on Javin DeLaurier during a drive to the basket. Texas has so much athleticism being able to keep the lead consistent for most of the game. The first half ended with Texas up 43-31. OH MY KERWIN ROACH #HookEmp…

It's time for a new 2018 champion

Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder redeemed chances of winning a title this year, and it became very evident Wednesday while playing against the Golden State Warriors. He actually played like he had won the MVP award last season. It was amazing to watch him play with so much intensity and fury, Westbrook made his competition look like weaker vessels that never seen an NBA title game.  After the game was over he scored 34 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 assists. One assist short of a triple-double. He declared victory over Durant, and the Golden State Warriors by 17 points. Leading the whole game without ever giving Golden State a chance to catch up. The 2017 NBA championship team played if they were starring in the D-League, and resembled a team that has never won 50% of the games in a season.

Golden State troubling play

Their main players from Golden State Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry tallied 45 points, the rest of the team besides one bench player achieved double figures. T…