Lebron James and the Cavaliers are going on a 7 game winning streak

MLG Highlights/Youtube Screencap

Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers (12-7) played like a team full of Vincent van Gogh’s against Dwight Howard and the Charlotte Hornets (8-10) November 24, 2017. The game was close all the way to the finish Cleveland won 100-99. Both teams performed like premier NBA teams in the eastern conference. Even though everyone in the news is paying close attention to Derrick Rose contemplating his career the Cavaliers went to battle without him. Isaiah Thomas, and Iman Shumpert also have been sidelined due to injury. Cleveland took home the win in the last seconds of the fourth quarter. JR Smith and Kyle Korver made up for any missing guards on the team. Outstanding play from Georgia native Jae Crowder made the difference in the Cavs win. The team looks really good even with all the missing players and controversy about the Kyrie Irving trade. You don’t want to underestimate Lebron and his team of elite shooters as they go on a seven game winning streak.

Lebron stats are out the roof

Lebron James racked up a triple-double carrying the load as the team leader. It’s no question if James is ready for the playoffs this year his stats are drowning out any competitors or spectators. He still has the ability to win games and make a run for the 2018 Championship if you ask his coach Tyronn Lue. Bill Walton recently announced the full North Carolina and Arkansas game giving James major credit & respect about his work ethic and perfection. He’s ranked the second best player in modern NBA history by ESPN, and has an average of 28.5 points per game. Very impressive stats coming from the 6’8’’ 250 pound James. He moves like a basketball genius on the floor well balanced and poised.

Isaiah Thomas returning from injury

Isaiah Thomas is getting closer to making a return, and it’s being questioned can he perform as well as Irving his response is priceless. Thomas gives respect to Irving but responds “You knows damn well who I am and what I’ve done”. The two time All-Star has been in contact practice preparing for his return. His recovery timetable is set for January he’s been participating in practices and pregame workouts to stay in shape.

Hahahaha I’m happy Kyrie playing well & they doing good. Don’t disrespect with the Isaiah who tho.. You knows damn well who I am and what I’ve done! https://t.co/5jD3qJRzVi

The Hornets were one point short

The Charlotte Hornets have always been a team that competes during the season. Players like Kemba Walker, and Dwight Howard make the game more interesting. Howard is a great entertainer on the court and known for his controversial actions while in uniform. His whole persona leaves people in awe when watching him play. It’s always being questioned how much he actually focuses during the games. All the starters for the Hornets were in double figures but it wasn’t enough to get the victory over the Cavaliers.

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