It's time for a new 2018 champion

Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder redeemed chances of winning a title this year, and it became very evident Wednesday while playing against the Golden State Warriors. He actually played like he had won the MVP award last season. It was amazing to watch him play with so much intensity and fury, Westbrook made his competition look like weaker vessels that never seen an NBA title game.  After the game was over he scored 34 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 assists. One assist short of a triple-double. He declared victory over Durant, and the Golden State Warriors by 17 points. Leading the whole game without ever giving Golden State a chance to catch up. The 2017 NBA championship team played if they were starring in the D-League, and resembled a team that has never won 50% of the games in a season.

Golden State troubling play

Their main players from Golden State Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry tallied 45 points, the rest of the team besides one bench player achieved double figures. The frustration from Draymond Green was at an all-time high, he complained so badly after committing a foul that he ended up shaking hands with somebody on the bench to agree that the call wasn’t right. Very strange reaction but normal coming from a player like Green. It looks like when Klay Thompson is out of his zone the team is easy to defeat. Thompson went on a cold shooting streak missing 9 shots in a row making the team chances slim of a major comeback. It seems like the formula to beat Golden State would be a good defense to keep the team under a hundred points, and great offensive lineup to lead the victory against the Warriors.

Fire to the flame for the Westbrook/Durant battle

The feud between Westbrook and Durant was fed by a couple close encounters between the two players. As Durant signed to Golden State and won a championship Oklahoma City fans weren’t too supportive of that. Every-time Durant touched the ball the fans yelled boos. Westbrook, in turn, played one of his best seasons winning the regular season MVP award. That basically inflamed the situation. Trades were made during the off-season to bring superstar basketball players Carmelo Anthony, and Paul George to play alongside Westbrook. Now the team is strong as ever. To me, it looks like Carmelo Anthony, and Paul George showed up for the occasion and proved why the trades were important. This game was the absolute money maker. It was a slaughter of the champs, and I don't believe that they will be able to compete in the western conference finals with Oklahoma City Thunder. Paul George ended the game with 20 points and 11 rebounds, and Carmelo Anthony ended the game with 22 points and 5 rebounds. Both played the whole game and didn't make many mistakes except a couple random long-range 3’s by George which is common, but he thinks that they’re needed.
Time for a new champion

While watching the game all I could think was that I'm tired of the champion teams being weak teams that aren’t physical. I miss the old school Los Angeles Lakers, and Detroit Pistons, hell I even miss the champion San Antonio Spurs team from the 2000s. Let's see some great competitive basketball this year.

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