Most recent NBA ejections

An incident happened where the Golden State Warriors player Shaun Livingston went literally head-to-head with referee Courtney Kirkland. Egos flared and got the best of Kirkland bumping heads initially then ejecting Livingston from the game. As a result, Shaun Livingston has been suspended for one game and the referee Courtney Kirkland has been suspended for a whole week. Do you think the decision is fair?

In my opinion, it looks as if Livingston asked for the referee's attention got what he asked for. I’ve never seen a ref do anything like this to a player which is very very shocking. Makes me ask “Why was Livingston suspended at all”? Kirkland must have been having a horrible day. This is a lesson for some NBA players, even though most know that the refs aren’t intimidated by yelling. It looks like the two attitudes collided and both were found guilty.

Getting ejected 2017
It’s definitely a new era of basketball being officiated and played, I’ve never seen referees in the early 2000’s testing players like Dikembe Mutombo or Shaquille O’Neal, but in today's basketball games the referees not taking any pressure from younger players. Lebron James recently was ejected for the first time in his basketball career after protesting a foul. A few days Kevin Durant was ejected after yelling profanity at the referee in Miami. It’s becoming easier to get ejected and kicked out the game.

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